Formicariums for ants


People across the world grow fond of keeping ants as home pets. In case you want to be one of them, you need is formicarium where your new habit ants will live. We offer different formicariums for your choice and various accessories for ants as well.



Our company's main product are formicariums. We offer formicariums of various shapes, designs and sizes with different connection options and humidity controls. Our product range is growing fast, so we're sure you can find the formicarium you need here on our site. Please see our catalog here.

Custom - made formicariums

We also offer custom-made formicariums.The frame is made of glass. The main material is gypsum to which the necessary pigment can be added at your will. The front part of the formicarium can be covered with the paint that has the color and the structure you desire. There is a humidity channel on one side of the formicarium, and the number of ventilation vents is determined by the size of construction. Decorations of your choice can be added, and you can also have humidity/temperature sensors embedded in formicarium. 

Please remember that all materials we use in building formicariums are ant-friendly! As building formicariums is quite a time-consuming and complicated process, it can take up to 20-30 days to build one. Obviously, the price will be higher for a custom-made formicarium, and you must remember that shipping will be costly because these constructions can weigh several kilos.
Other products
In our "Other" section you will find food containers, incubators, wire meshes, temperature/humidity sensors and other accessories.